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TowTrax is a nationwide roadside assistance service for all service providers such as motor clubs, law enforcement, insurance companies, and other service providers. Our service is the fastest way to reach any stranded motorist because we send the closest tow truck available. Our app was designed by the towing industry using state-of-the-art technology to pinpoint stranded motorists and get them back on the road regardless of where they are and what time it is.
TowTrax’s network of thousands of tow companies across the United States allows us to locate and respond to tow requests wherever they may be, dispatching the nearest tow company to a customer’s location in an efficient, seamless manner. Our relationships with tow companies and service providers ensure nationwide coverage to all stranded motorists.

For Motor Clubs & Other
Roadside Service Providers

Motor Clubs Can Track Each Tow
Improves ETA
Real-Time Tracking by Customers
Less Communication With Tow Companies
Hosted by a World Class Software Platform and Support Organization
Available on Both Android and iOS Devices & can be Integrated with Current Infrastructure

For Tow Companies
& Drivers

Gives You Tows You Have Never Had
Reduces Fuel Bills and Idle Time
Real-Time Tracking by Customers
No Negotiating - You Know the Fee Prior to the Tow
Quick Pay from Motor Clubs
Hosted by a World Class Software Platform and Support Organization
Available on Both Android and iOS Devices & can be Integrated with Current Infrastructure

About Us

We created TowTrax with the goal of utilizing modern GPS technology to create a next-generation platform for the “old school,” non-automated roadside assistance industry. Our app offers a complete solution that allows its users to rapidly request the nearest tow companies from wherever they may be.
We provide our partnered tow companies with a network that allows them to manage requests, track their truck locations in real-time and more. The best part: it costs nothing for a tow company or a service provider to register with TowTrax.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost
The app is free!
How do I get tows?
TowTrax will market our app to a variety of customers. Once we find a tow, we send it to the closest truck in that area.
How do I get started?
Go to the website and sign up your company and all your drivers. This is necessary for billing purposes.
How do I get paid?
In some cases, you will get paid from TowTrax, but some motor clubs will pay you directly for your service.
Do I have to take all calls?
Is there a penalty if I don’t take calls?
There is no penalty for not taking calls.
How did you come up with pricing?
We did a survey nationwide of what tow companies charged for service calls, including light, medium, and heavy-duty tows. We then looked at your geographic location and then determined what the rates should be for that area. Once again, if you don’t like the price, don’t accept the tow.
Who will I get tows from?
You will get calls from service providers, law enforcement and insurance companies. TowTrax will market to all these industries.
What type of phone do I need?
Our app works on both Android and iOS devices.
How do I register new drivers?
Go to the TowTrax website and click on the sign-up bar. Fill out all the information. This information allows you to add or subtract drivers.
Do drivers get paid directly?
Absolutely not.
What if I have to add extra charges?
If it’s a motor club call and you need to add additional fees you simply call the motor club and explain the circumstances.

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